Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alyssa's First Haircut.

Yesterday I decided that it would be easier, for her and for myself, if Alyssa had bangs. Her hair was in her eyes way too much and I was pulling it back about a thousand times everyday. So I just went ahead and chopped em off =)She looks so grown up!



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Ten.

This week's Tuesday Ten prompt is ten favourite games as a child.. So, in no particular order..

1. Hide and Seek. This was a favourite as long as I can remember, until, well until now really. Of course as I got older the game got a bit more elaborate (playing in the woods instead of in the house, in the dark instead of during daylight), the rules stayed the same.

2. Freeze Tag. Like regular tag, except there were two "its", a good and a bad. If the bad it tagged you, you were frozen like a statue. If the good it got to you before the bad it got to them, you were free to run again.

3. Duck Hunt. Classic. I loved this game, and got pretty good at it before our system broke!

4. Tetris. Love, love, love this game. Troy and I have an ongoing competition on his cell phone for high score!

5. Clue. If I were to play Clue now, I'm sure I'd find it quite boring. But at the time, I loved solving those mysteries!

6. Uno. My grandmother taught me to play Uno when I was 5 or 6, and we played it at nearly every family gathering from there on out!

7. Crazy Eights. I really got into crazy eights when I was sick in bed with whooping cough at about age 10. I would beg anyone around to come play it with me.

8. House. My friends and I used to love to play house, and what made it even better was my TCB (Taking Care of Baby) doll. This doll would cry to be changed, fed, or put to sleep. It was my favourite doll.

9. School. When I was really young I was forever begging my mother to play "school" with me, when my younger brother was born, I decided that I was too old to be the student and self-promoted myself to teacher, with him as my pupil. Poor boy!

10. Songs. This was played with my grandfather. I would think of a topic or word, as random as I could, and he would think of a song to go with it! I never won, that man knew a song for everything!

Monday, July 5, 2010

We went to see the fireworks on Canada Day as well, but sadly, we didn't stay long enough to get any pictures. Alyssa was terrified! She loved them last year, but this year she was so scared of the noise. Instead of telling us that she was scared she told me:

"Mommy, bunny's scared!"

Me: "Tell bunny it's okay."

Her: "Bunny, it's okay.. (pause).. "Bunny says it's not okay, Mommy!"

So we headed back home.

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!

They had bouncy castles set up at the Canada Day festival this year. Alyssa was nervous at first, and just bounced on her knees, but after trying out a couple of different ones, she was bouncing with the best of them! Rylan loved it right away! His favourite part was when the supervisor yelled "okay, time's up! Everyone down the slide!"

I scream, you scream..

We all scream for ice cream!!

During a rain shower on Canada Day we had to find somewhere to go, so we took the kid's to a local ice cream shop to cool down. Alyssa was so hyper by the time we got out of there!

Hard at Work!

It's been over a month since I've updated my blog, bad me! So, I'm going to try and catch up a bit!

These are some pictures of Rylan that I took a couple of weeks ago, love them!