Friday, April 30, 2010

We had a nice day yesterday after a few days of rain and grey weather, so we spent a lot of the day outside. My younger brother and sister were here as well, so the kids had lots of fun.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Bunny is a ragged-looking blue, well, bunny. His stuffing has gone flat and his fur is dingy, but he's still Alyssa's best pal. She's been carrying him around everywhere she's gone since she was about a year old. She doesn't like to be more than a few feet from bunny at all times. The only time she'll let him have a break is when we play outside, she says she doesn't want him to get dirty. A little late. He gets a bath at least once a week, but it doesn't seem to do much good anymore.

So far bunny has been to the US, to the zoo, and camping right along with us. And I'm sure he'll be on lots more trips as well, she doesn't seem to plan on leaving him home any time soon.

Just to give you an idea..

What should we play with today??

Boxes!! I was unpacking a big box of clothes today and was about to take the box out to the trash, when Alyssa had a meltdown, she wanted to build a house! So, that's just what we did! =)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Every second weekend.

So glad to have my kids back home with me. I don’t stop worrying the entire time they’re gone. It’s not that I don’t trust that they’re safe, it’s just that when they’re here with me I can check on them whenever I want to, when they’re away I’m handing control over. I’m not very good with that when it comes to my babies. I like having them close-by.

Aside from that, I had a good weekend though. Got caught up with some friends and got some cleaning done. Alyssa came back telling me stories about Daddy taking her fishing and all about the trout she caught. She had a great time. She loves to visit Daddy and Dino. Dino is her Daddy’s girlfriend, Danielle. Abby, Zachy, and Nafan (Abigaile (7), Zachary (3), anc Nathan (1)) are Danielle’s three kids. So needless to say, she’s got lots to keep her occupied while she’s visiting.

Rylan’s the only baby at his Daddy’s house, although his auntie is due any day now with a baby boy. Auntie and Ninny spoil him rotten though and there’s a park right in they’re backyard. So he just loves to go for visits too.

Me, I’m not so happy with it. It’s a nice break at first, but by Saturday night I just want them home with me. I guess it all just comes with the territory though.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I did it.

I called this afternoon and made the appointment to write my test for my driver's license. About time, huh? I'm nervous to drive, I'm scared I'll hurt myself or someone else I guess. Which is ridiculous considering I've been driving all sorts of other vehicles since I was a kid. Fourwheelers, snowmobiles, dirtbikes, even a motorcycle or two. It's just cars that scare me. But I finally broke down and did it. Now that it's just me here I need my license bad. The freedom that comes with it will be great. I can go whenever I need to. It wouldn't be such an ordeal to run to the post office, or the bank, or anywhere else I need to go. I've been independent in every other way since I became a single Mom, this is the last thread that makes me dependent on anyone but myself. Once I have this, I'll truly feel like I have everything we need to make it on our own.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Days like this.

On days like today I just want to curl up and hide. I'm utterly exhausted, and this head cold isn't healping. I need sleep. But that's just not going to happen, I've got 101 places to be and things to do. I can tell it's going to be a VERY early night for me tonight. It's times like this when being a single Mommy really gets to me. I have noone to "switch off" with when I'm sick or exhausted, noone to help make supper, or run an errand to take some of the load off. My exhusband wouldn't have done any of that anyway so it's not that, it's just that days like today the loneliness really sets in.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am blessed.

Sometimes I don't stop to think about all the things I've been given, and how blessed I am. Aside from the obvious; that I have two absolutely beautiful children, an amazing extended family, and the best friends anyone could ask for; I also have been blessed with so many things that we all take for granted. I have running water that is safe to drink, food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over my head, good healthcare, and a free counry to live in.

More often than not we, myself included, dwell more on what we don't have than all the things we've been given. We take things for granted so many other people envy so much.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Woohoo =)

Jumped on the scale today, and I'm 1lb lower than my goal! 129 lbs =) A total of 36lbs lost. I'm smaller than I've been since grade seven! Now I just need to tone, not sure how to go about that one just yet, so far my focus has just been on getting the weight off.

The only downside to losing the weight is that none of my clothes fit me anymore, I need a whole new wardrobe and my budget just won't allow that right now. So I'm working on it a bit at a time, looking for good deals online. Can't wait for the ward sales to start up!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We're loving the amazing weather we've had the past few days! It was up to 25 degrees Celsius yesterday, record breaking! I read in the paper this morning that the previous record was 15 degrees Celsius, in 1952! We've been outside lots and I'm really hoping the weather stays like this from here on out!

Scary part about the weather being so nice though is that fire season's starting early. Today my neighbors were burning cardboard outside and the wind picked up and carried the fire away. I didn't even notice until I looked out my window and there were firetrucks pulling up my driveway! The fire had caught onto the trees just on the other side of my driveway, not far enough from my house for my comfort! We had a house fire about 3 years ago that burned it to the ground, so I'm VERY nervous about fires. Thankfully, the fireman got it out pretty fast and all is fine now!

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Favourite Little Man

Rylan Dale Jonah was born on January 27th, 2009. He's such a little sweetheart. My cuddlebug. He's so great to other babies and kids too, even his sister! he's always bringing her toys and trying to share his snacks =) Sure they have their spats, but for the most part, he's the sweetest little brother I've ever seen. He's going to be a mommy's boy, and that's fine with me!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Princess Alyssa

If you ask her, she'll be sure to tell you. She isn't just Alyssa, she's "Princess Lyssy". Born on Sept. 4th, 2007, Alyssa Bethany Dean has been my light ever since. She can sense if I'm tired or having an "off day", and she's there with extra hugs during those times. She's two and a half now, but still my baby girl. And always will be, but I'm sure that'll she'll start getting sick of that when she hits 12 or 13. Her smiles, giggles, and quirkiness makes her who she is, and I can tell she's going to continue to have a great sense of humour. Ask her and she'll tell you, we're best friends =)