Sunday, April 25, 2010

Every second weekend.

So glad to have my kids back home with me. I don’t stop worrying the entire time they’re gone. It’s not that I don’t trust that they’re safe, it’s just that when they’re here with me I can check on them whenever I want to, when they’re away I’m handing control over. I’m not very good with that when it comes to my babies. I like having them close-by.

Aside from that, I had a good weekend though. Got caught up with some friends and got some cleaning done. Alyssa came back telling me stories about Daddy taking her fishing and all about the trout she caught. She had a great time. She loves to visit Daddy and Dino. Dino is her Daddy’s girlfriend, Danielle. Abby, Zachy, and Nafan (Abigaile (7), Zachary (3), anc Nathan (1)) are Danielle’s three kids. So needless to say, she’s got lots to keep her occupied while she’s visiting.

Rylan’s the only baby at his Daddy’s house, although his auntie is due any day now with a baby boy. Auntie and Ninny spoil him rotten though and there’s a park right in they’re backyard. So he just loves to go for visits too.

Me, I’m not so happy with it. It’s a nice break at first, but by Saturday night I just want them home with me. I guess it all just comes with the territory though.

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